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Show off your addon with Github pages

Many addons are missing live examples but it's getting easier to set up now. Besides using Ember Twiddle we have a new tool at our disposal which makes publishing a build to Github pages easy.

Ember CLI Github Pages formalises this build process and helps manage the gh-pages branch when there are updates to the addon.

It publishes the dummy app which is located in tests/dummy/app and is what you see when you run ember server in the addon.

First setup the gh-pages branch with an initial build:

$ ember install ember-cli-github-pages
$ git checkout --orphan gh-pages && rm -rf `ls -a | grep -vE '\.gitignore|\.git|node_modules|bower_components|(^[.]{1,2}$)'` && git add -u && git commit -m "initial gh-pages commit"
$ git checkout master
$ ember github-pages:commit --message "Initial Demo App Release"
$ git push --set-upstream origin/gh-pages

Once you've done this you can update your github pages branch each time using

$ ember github-pages:commit --message "Demo app update message"

For an example setup check out this pull request, which produced the examples page for Ember E3.