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Mastering Ember.js helpers: Arguments

When passing arguments to any helper in your Ember.js templates you can specify parameters in two ways. As a list of parameters, {{if ready 'green' 'red'}} {{regal-portrait 'Elizabeth II'}... »

Ember isn't Rails

After many complex calculations, grueling hours of gathering evidence, and some experience running Ember in production, I have determined that Ember is not Rails. Many concepts in Ember have identically... »

Ember Wednesday #10

With Ben away on holiday, I'll be spreading the good word this Wednesday :) Some cool links from around the Emberverse... Firebase acquires Divshot, introduces local static web servers. Using ES7... »

Ember Wednesday #9

Highlights from this week in Ember.js 🏂 Second edition of Balint Erdi's Rock and Roll with Ember.js published. A collection of ES7 style decorators from @_jayphelps. Discussion of Page... »

Ember Wednesday #8

Hey kids. Some highlights from this week. 🍰 If you have anything you'd like me to write a deep dive about, send me your tweets. Writing an integration test for a... »